全球優秀青年學子來臺蹲點計畫 Taiwan Experience Education Program(TEEP)

最後更新日期 : 2024-05-17

全球優秀青年學子來臺蹲點計畫 Taiwan Experience Education Program(TEEP)

TEEP 官網  申請方式

 Qualifications for Recruiting TEEP Participants

Invitations are extended to young overseas Chinese individuals, high school graduates and above, from countries with the potential for international exchange development (with a focus on the United States and Central and Eastern European countries, but not limited to them) to participate in the stationed program in Taiwan. It is essential to note that individuals who have already obtained a doctoral degree or are currently studying or conducting research in Taiwan are not eligible and may not participate in this program.

二、計畫期程 TEEP Project Schedule


The project duration for this initiative spans from December 1, 2023 to December 31,2024. Project leaders may autonomously set the project schedule based on the actual arrival dates of stationed participants, but it is mandatory that the schedule is finalized and participants arrive no later than December 31, 2024. In the case of exceptional circumstances, schools are allowed to apply for an extension before December 15, 113th year.

三、補助經費規定 Subsidy Regulations

(1) 112-113 TEEP計畫申請/補助核定經費一覽表

Summary of Approved Funds for the 112-113 TEEP Project Application/Grant

(2) 學生撥款方式有以下二種:



Due to students' lack of residency permits for their stationed study, opening bank accounts and establishing school records is difficult. Therefore, scholarship funds are directly transferred to students by the respective project leaders in cash.

Students are required to personally sign individual receipts. The monthly maximum limit is based on the announced quota of the project. The actual disbursed amount is calculated based on the number of days the student has been in Taiwan that month (e.g., 15000/30 * number of days in Taiwan)


To avoid future disputes, all project leaders are required to ensure that TEEP students stationed on-site open bank accounts at Taiwan Post. Monthly on-site scholarships should be directly processed and debited to the students' accounts through the school's accounting system. Please refrain from temporarily borrowing funds and transferring them independently or issuing cash directly to the students.


Students under the TEEP program holding a visitor visa need to apply for a unified ID online if they wish to open a bank account. After obtaining the unified ID, they should bring the unified ID certificate and passport to the post office for account opening. Check the following link to know more information.

  1. 統一證號申請系統

    UI No. Online Application System

  1. 郵局開戶資訊

    Account opening Information of Post Office

(3) 經費用途 Use of Funds:

  1. 外國學生蹲點獎學金:係屬獎學金性質,每人每月最高可支領新臺幣1.5萬元。參與蹲點計畫期程如未達1個月,須依比例支給。倘外國學員於蹲點期間獲入學許可,該獎學金是否續領,授權由計畫主持人決定。倘外國學員於校內已參加A系所TEEP計畫,欲再申請B系所TEEP計畫,亦仍請計畫主持人本於資源效益最佳化原則,自行決定是否繼續錄取該名蹲點學員。上述每一蹲點學員TEEP獎學金總支領,均不得逾6個月,且不得重疊支領。如獲同意延長蹲點期程(逾6個月),延長期間之獎學金,須由接待學校自籌。

Foreign Student Stationed Scholarship: This is a scholarship, and each participant can receive a maximum of NT$15,000 per month. If the duration of participation in the stationed program is less than one month, the scholarship will be provided proportionally. Whether the scholarship is continued if the foreign student receives admission during the stationed period is at the discretion of the project leader. If a foreign student has already participated in the TEEP program of Department A within the university and wishes to apply for the TEEP program of Department B, the project leader is authorized to decide whether to admit the student based on the optimization of resources and benefits. The total duration for receiving the TEEP scholarship for each stationed student should not exceed 6 months, and overlapping support is not allowed. If an extension of the stationed period is approved (exceeding 6 months), the scholarship for the extended period must be self-funded by the hosting school.

  1. 業務費:諸如計畫執行所需之材料費、鐘點費及其餘符合計畫推動目的等 各項必要業務費用,授權由計畫主持人彈性分配,以上均須依本部「(助及委辦經費核撥結報作業要點」相關規定及經費支用標準辦理。

Operating Expenses: Various necessary operating expenses, such as material costs, hourly fees for project execution, and other expenses in line with the objectives of the project, are authorized to be flexibly allocated by the project leader. All of the above must be processed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Muinistry of Education's "Guidelines for the Allocation and Reporting of Subsidies (Donations) and Commissioned Funds" and the standards for fund utilization.

  1. 人事費:專兼任人員不得逾4位,人事費支出不得逾本部補助該案計畫經費 25%

Personnel Expenses: The number of full-time and part-time staff members should not exceed four, and personnel expenses should not exceed 25% of the total project funding subsidized by the university.

  1. 外國學生每人每月最高可支領新臺幣TEEP獎學金1.5萬元,學校至多可控留每人月補助金額20% (3,000)為業務費。學員參與蹲點計畫期程如未達1個月,須依天數比例支給,支領期限以6個月(停留時間得不連續)計畫補助經費總額度內,授權計畫主持人可視蹲點學員優秀表現情形提高獎學金額度,每人每月最高可獲3萬元(不限國籍)

: 若每月保留20%之經費(3,000),則每月僅能給予學生1.2萬元。

Each foreign student is eligible to receive a maximum of NT$15,000 TEEP scholarship per month. The university can allocate a maximum monthly subsidy of 20% (NT$3,000) per person as operating expenses. If a participant's involvement in the stationed program is less than one month, the subsidy should be provided proportionally based on the number of days. The subsidy period is limited to 6 months (the stay period may be non-continuous). Within the total funding allocation of the project, the project leader is authorized to increase the scholarship amount based on the outstanding performance of on-site participants, with a maximum of NTD 30,000 per person per month (regardless of nationality).

Example: If 20% of the funds are retained each month (NT$3,000), then the monthly subsidy for each student can only be NT$12,000.

  1. 計畫招收蹲點學員如未達最低應執行人員數(人數*月數),其未執行人月數之經費應繳回。

If the number of stationed participants recruited for the project is below the minimum required number of personnel (number * months), the funds corresponding to the unfulfilled person-months should be returned.

  1. TEEP學員在臺蹲點期間不得打工,或從事與計畫無相關之工作並支領報酬。TEEP學員如安排於校外實習,該校外實習機構或企業得依計畫實際執行情形支付蹲點學員實習津貼。蹲點學員於校外實習,仍視為本案蹲點計畫內容,毋須向勞動部申請工作證。計畫主持人應與校外實習機構洽訂實習計畫內容,確保實習品質。

TEEP participants stationed in Taiwan are not allowed to work or engage in activities unrelated to the project and receive compensation during their stationed period. If TEEP participants arrange for internships outside the university, the external internship organization or company may provide internship allowances based on the actual execution of the project. The participation of stationed participants in external internships is still considered part of this stationed project and does not require the application for a work permit from the Ministry of Labor. The project leader should negotiate the internship details with the external internship organization to ensure the quality of the internship.

四、學生入境作業規定 Immigration Procedures for Students

  1. 本計畫期程自11212月至11312月,各項計畫主持人得依蹲點學員實際入境期程,自行訂定計畫期程,學生最遲應於1131231日前入境。

The program schedule runs from December of the 2023 to December of the 2024. Project leaders have the flexibility to set the program schedule based on the actual entry dates of stationed participants, but students must enter the country no later than December 31, 2024.

  1. 為使學生有足夠時間辦理簽證,請於學生入境至少一個月前將報部名冊(excel檔)及學生護照以郵件的方式提供予國際處,由承辦人將協助發函至教育部,相關作業所需時間約為2周,待收到教育部回函後,學生可持教育部核准公文、邀請函及其他辦理停留簽證之相關文件至當地我國駐外辦事處辦理簽證,請師長務必協助提醒學生,取得簽證前不要訂購機票,避免後續因簽證問題而須改票,造成費用損失。
    To ensure students have sufficient time to process their visas, please provide the OIA with the enrollment list (Excel file) and student passports (soft copy) via email at least one month before their entry. The responsible personnel will assist in sending a letter to the Ministry of Education, and the required processing time is approximately 2 weeks. Upon receiving the reply from the Ministry of Education, students can bring the approved document from the Ministry of Education, invitation letter, and other necessary documents to the local representative office of Taiwan to apply for a visa. It is essential for teachers to remind students not to book flights before obtaining their visas to avoid potential ticket changes and associated costs due to visa-related issues.

  1. 申請報部名冊之流程:由「TEEP網站表單系統」後台的「報部名單管理」區域,依各案前往「名單管理」頁面進行學員資料填報(包含:姓名/學歷(學校及系所年級)/國別/預計在臺停留時間(起迄年月日)/計畫主持人姓名等),填報後匯出為excel檔,另於姓名欄位後自行新增一欄,填入學生護照號碼(末3碼隱碼),另存成pdf檔。
    The process for applying for the enrollment list is as follows: In the "
    TEEP Website Form System" backend, navigate to the "Enrollment List Management" section. For each project, go to the "List Management" page to fill in student information, including name, education background (school and department/grade), nationality, expected stay period in Taiwan (start and end dates), project leader's name, etc. After filling in the information, export it as an Excel file. Additionally, add a column after the name field to input the student's passport number (with the last 3 digits concealed) and save it as a PDF file.

  1. 申請Visa所需檢附之邀請函,統一由計畫主持人所屬單位主管核發(若主持人為教學、研究單位主管,即可以自身名義開立),供邀請函之範本,請各位師長可自行依照與學生之協議更改邀請函之內容,惟不具商業聘僱關係之文字(no employment relations)之文字不可刪除。

The invitation letter required for Visa application must be issued by the supervisor of the project leader's affiliated unit (if the project leader is the head of an academic or research unit, the letter can be issued in their own name). A template for the invitation letter is provided, and teachers are free to modify the content according to agreements with students. However, it is essential not to delete the wording indicating the absence of any commercial employment relationship ("no employment relations").

五、學生入境後 After Students have Arrived in Taiwan

1. 因學員所持簽證為停留簽證,依衛福部規定須進行短期研修健康檢查(丙表體檢)請計畫主持人務必要求學生於入境後2週內至合格醫院進行檢查,並將體檢報告提供予國際處承辦人,將整合後提交予衛保組,健檢資訊請查閱下方連結。

Since the visa held by the students is a temporary stay visa, in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, project leader are required to ask your student to do the short-term training health check (Form C) after entry. Students must undergo the examination within one week of their arrival and provide the health check report to the International Affairs Office personnel, who will compile the reports and submit them to the Health Insurance Division. Check the following link to know more information of Health check.

  1. 外籍短期研修生(含陸生)健檢資訊

Information on Health Check for Foreign Short-term Research Students (including students from Mainland China)


To maintain the health and safety of all residents, if TEEP students are assigned to the international student dormitory managed by OIA(Office of International Affairs) they must complete a health check within 2 weeks after check-in. The receipt of the health check must be submitted to the dormitory coordinator for verification. Failure to undergo or complete the health check on time will result in the cancellation of accommodation eligibility, and students must vacate the dormitory within the specified timeframe.

2. 教育部要求外國青年學子來臺需投保相關保險,計畫主持人應要求來臺蹲點人員需加保涵蓋來來期間之醫療險,欲來台投保者,請務必備齊費用。

The Ministry of Education requires that foreign youth students coming to Taiwan must purchase relevant insurance. Project leaders are required to request stationed individuals in Taiwan to obtain additional coverage for medical insurance during their stay. Those intending to purchase insurance for their visit to Taiwan are reminded to ensure that they have the necessary funds for this purpose.

  1. 學生可自行投保(須提供投保證明),無法於來台前自行投保者或無法提出投保證明者,一律由計畫主持人於來台前1周前協助學員加保外籍學生醫療險(學生須提供護照檔案),單月保費為新台幣500元,費用由學生自行負擔 (來台後繳費)

Students may opt for self-insurance (proof of insurance required). Those unable to arrange insurance on their own or unable to provide proof of insurance will be assisted by the personnel in the International Affairs Office. One week before their arrival in Taiwan, the project leaders will assist the students in obtaining additional coverage for foreign student medical insurance (students must provide passport details). The monthly premium is NT$500, and the cost is borne by the students themselves (to be paid upon arrival in Taiwan).

六、結案 Conclusion

1. 個別計畫結束(最後一名學生結束蹲點)一個月內,計畫主持人需要提供計畫成果報告、經費收支結算報告表(結餘款/無結餘款)、蹲點學員名冊計畫成果摘要報告(教育部規定各計畫以5頁為限,不得超過)予國際處。計畫期程最遲應於114630日前結束

結案格式文檔Closing document format

01 1.學員結案名冊範本Sample roster for closing participants

           2.112_113學員結案名冊(空白)Blank roster for participants of sessions 112-113

02 1 範本教育部TEEP計畫_經費收支結算表-無結俆款Template for the Ministry of Education's                        TEEP Project - Financial Statement (No Completed Funding)

    2 範本教育部TEEP計畫_經費收支結算表-結俆款Template for the Ministry of Education's                              TEEP Project - Financial Statement (Completed Funding)

03 TEEP結案成果報告文件 TEEP Closure Achievement Report document 

04 TEEP計畫-結案填報_系統使用手冊TEEP Project - Closure Reporting System User Manual

05 TEEP結案小提醒TEEP Closure Reminder

06 TEEP計畫量化成果綜合摘要表(2024/03/04更新)TEEP Project Quantitative                     Achievement Summary Table (Updated on 2024/03/04)

07 TEEP專兼任計畫人員季報表TEEP Full-time and Part-time Project Personnel Quarterly Report

Within a month after the conclusion of each individual project (upon the completion of the last student's stationed period), project leaders are required to submit the project achievement report, financial statement (with surplus or no surplus), list of stationed students, and a summary report of project achievements (as stipulated by the Ministry of Education, limited to 5 pages and not exceeding). The project must conclude no later than June 30,2025.